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Well, the day is here! Poetry Against Cancer is now on sale. With an amazing cover and fantastic design work by Rachel, I know people are going to love it, even without reading the wonderful poetry inside! I’ve read this book three times now, so I know the poems in it are good. I really […]

Great news! The book is now available for pre-order! To get the book sooner than you would if you were waiting for to print and post it to you, we’ll be taking orders to get the books in bulk, and then posting them ourselves to you (unless you know us in “real life”). Visit […]

Mailing List


It seems appropriate, now, to start a mailing list. The Facebook group has built up a little bit of attention and people are actually asking to make a mention of their own projects on it. I call that progress! I’ve decided, therefore, to let all these people get in touch with other well-doers, and I’m […]

With a few decisions to be made on the running order of the poems, I’ve realised that we should be building momentum on this project by now. So, I went straight onto Facebook and asked people to help us reach a target 500 followers by the end of the week. Simple, right? Surprisingly, yes. In […]

Well, I’m finally closing the submission gates after people just vanished at Christmas. The good news, though, is that all the authors have been chosen and work has begun into putting them into the book. Rachel is even discussing the design of the book with me, so we’re getting somewhere. With the weather against us, […]

I’ve just been asked about the Terms and Conditions for submission; I’ll make it clear – we’re not out to steal your work, only to use your submissions to raise the most amount of money for St John’s. So the T&Cs are: We retain exclusive printing rights to the poems chosen for one year after […]

Still time


Ignore what the submission guidelines say about the deadline, for now. There is still time to submit to the book. In fact, submit double. We need poems. Lots of poems. Because right now we haven’t received enough. It’s a shame, considering the cause for the book. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your students, […]