Mailing List


It seems appropriate, now, to start a mailing list. The Facebook group has built up a little bit of attention and people are actually asking to make a mention of their own projects on it. I call that progress!

I’ve decided, therefore, to let all these people get in touch with other well-doers, and I’m starting a mailing list. To be included, send an email to to that affect, and you’ll begin receiving updates on fundraising projects. If you’re fundraising, get in touch!

Also, when the work on the book is done, there will be a pre-order option available. Pre-order window will work in periods of three days at a time until the release of the book. No date is set as yet for the release (because I don’t want to put Rachel under pressure), but that will change the moment the files are uploaded to At that point, we’ll be preparing for a launch of some sort, so copies will need to be ordered ahead of the publication day. People will also get to order then, through me, so that they can get the book mailed to them without the additional waiting time of the print. More info about this will be made available in the near future (signing up to the mailing list is the quickest way to find out about it).

So, until next time, all the best,


2 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. 1 ismiselisa

    I presume I’m already on the mailing list? 🙂

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