Let’s have a little update


Well, I’m finally closing the submission gates after people just vanished at Christmas. The good news, though, is that all the authors have been chosen and work has begun into putting them into the book. Rachel is even discussing the design of the book with me, so we’re getting somewhere. With the weather against us, we’re all stuck indoors, which might actually be a good thing! Rachel now only has to leave when neccessary (like at her new job!).

As for Sophie and I? Well, we’d like you to join us in raising awareness of the book before release. Over the next few weeks, Twitter will hopefully be going mad with people hearing about the book for the first time and wanting to buy it. If you’re reading this I urge you to spread the word, be it through Twitter, a blog, a video log if you want, word of mouth and any other method you can think of. Every little bit helps. And of course, when the book comes out, please buy it.

I really can’t stress enough how much this all means to me. It’s not just a huge project that Sophie and I undertook (and received lots of help with from Rachel and a few others). And it’s not just a poetry book. It’s a piece of hope that we can give to children who may be somewhat lacking in it. It’s a possibility that children will get better, or at the very least get the best care available to them. Cancer has done too much to too many people already, and it’s time the ordinary men and women of the world got to do something about it. The poets in the book are all ordinary people (okay, so a couple of them are quite extraordinary, but they’re not ‘real world’ celebrities, multi-published bestsellers or even, as far as I know, saving space in their own local bookshops.)

Help make dreams come true; spread the message and buy the book.

(And I promise to keep costs down – the Big Bad Recession still looks over our shoulders with its ugly head)

Mise le meas,
Paul Carroll.


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