Verifying the T&Cs


I’ve just been asked about the Terms and Conditions for submission; I’ll make it clear – we’re not out to steal your work, only to use your submissions to raise the most amount of money for St John’s. So the T&Cs are:

  • We retain exclusive printing rights to the poems chosen for one year after publication (open to negotation if the poet comes forth with a case, with due notice given, of course)
  • The poems will be published only in Poetry Against Cancer and no further volumes, unless permission is given from the author to do so – all authors will be given this option and are not obliged to accept second publication of the poem
  • We, the organisers, will make no monetary gain from submissions – all profits will go to St John’s Ward at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin (Their oncology ward)

If authors have any further queries regarding the T&Cs, please get in touch at the usual email address: poetry.against.cancer(at)gmail(dot)com.

Authors must have all the rights to their poems prior to submission; the same rights will be returned following a year after the publication date (unless, as it is stated, specific circumstances call for republication in another form).

Note that poems will be available in print form only through Poetry Against Cancer. We ask authors not to spread their submissions freely following submission so that St John’s may benefit the most from it.

Best wishes,
Paul Carroll.

(Also, one week to Christmas! Have a nice break writers!)


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