Still time


Ignore what the submission guidelines say about the deadline, for now. There is still time to submit to the book. In fact, submit double. We need poems. Lots of poems. Because right now we haven’t received enough. It’s a shame, considering the cause for the book. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your students, your classmates, your teammates, everyone!

You can submit anonymously if you wish, and we will respect that. We might know your name (you know, from the email account telling us…) but we promise not to spread it on if you request to be published as anonymous.

And seriously, tell everyone 😉


14 Responses to “Still time”

  1. 1 Rissa Watkins

    Are you accepting previously published online poems?

  2. Hi, Paul . I just found out about this project in my writer’s forum (Thanks, Rissa!). I’d love to be a part. I’ll email you a few poems within the next few days. I’m also passing this info along to my writer friends on Facebook.

    Thank you for this awesome project!

  3. 5 Rissa Watkins

    It is posted online at

    (Link removed by Paul Carroll)

    Even if you don’t want mine- another writer friend asked the same thing, so if it is posted on a online content site like this, is it acceptable?

  4. I have a poem that was posted on my blog about two years ago. The blog is no longer in existence. Would you accept that one if it fits with your book? Thanks in advance!

    • Of course! There’s no way for the public to get their hands on it anymore and you still have the rights to it 🙂 Send it on 😀

  5. My 4-yr-old daughter’s undergoing treatment for leukemia right now, and I’ve written two poems about it; they’re both published at Associated Content. If previously-published work is acceptable, I’d love to participate in this project. Let me know! 🙂

    (Links removed by Paul Carroll)

  6. Do you want the poems in seperate attachments or can we send them all in one if submitting more than one piece?


    • Seperate attachments in the same email would be best, thanks ^_^ .doc format, preferrably. Or just copy and paste them into the body of the email

  7. I am going through some in my files right now and working on a couple new ones.

    I have a couple that are online too if I can submit those. I have the rights to them.

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