Update – November 22


Well, response to this project has been entirely positive, though it came in short supply. With Sophie’s computer broken, the online work falls on my shoulders, with a novel in the works for NaNoWrimo too, and all my college work to do. Who ever said this would be easy?

On the bright side, I was able to use my connections very well. We all know that my lovely cousin is designing the book, but did you know that my photographer friend is going to help out with pictures? David Doherty will be taking photographs at any events Sophie and I organise to help raise awareness of the project, and make it a little more fun for those of you abroad.

As well as that, I’ve gotten in touch with over 150 writers telling them about this book, and will be abusing Twitter with more links (if you’re reading this because of Twitter, let me know the abuse was a success). The more poets we get, the better. We already have a few submissions, and promises of submissions, so it’s a start. I invaded two writers forums and told them about it, and people seem quite happy to submit.. if they’d actually read the posts.

So, help? Please do. We need as much coverage as possible before release time, which will hopefully be in February. As you can see, that’s not very far away at all. We need poets, people!


5 Responses to “Update – November 22”

  1. 1 Tiffany Wagstaff

    Hey there, I hope you got my email with the three poems! I also hope they are of use to you 🙂

    peace and love, keep up the great work!


    • Hi Tiffany,

      No, I didn’t receive any emails from you aside from the one saying you’d love to submit. Any chance you could resend them?


  2. Hey Paul did you get my email with my submissions?

  3. 4 Rissa Watkins

    Saw this on twitter. About to post on my writers forum.

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